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Dreadnought TCG Wiki is a database of cards, rules, news, and stories of Dreadnought Trading Card Game in English language.

About Dreadnought TCG

Dreadnought is a Japanese Trading Card Game designed for two players, developed by KADOKAWA and Group SNE. Your characters are represented by 'casters' and they will fight in pair against other casters. They can be manifested by divine beings (unit and idol), use powerful spells and magic (code), and be equipped with various paraphernalia (arms). Each caster has a very limited hit points, and if you can reduce the HP of all of your opponent's casters to 0, you win the game!

The seventh Booster Pack titled "Game of Desire" was released on November 10th, 2016. The set introduced the new card type: idol. The eighth Booster Pack titled "Judgement Day" was released on February 9th, 2017.

This Wiki provides UNOFFICIAL English translations for the game. The translations might not be 100% correct, so read them with caution.

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Official website: (Japanese)

Dreadnought TCG Commercial

Dreadnought TCG Commercial

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Dreadnought's Products PV

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