4A. Game of Desire
Product Information
Japanese Name ゲーム・オブ・デザイア
Phonetic Ge̅mu Obu Dezaia
Release Date November 10th, 2016
Previous set Code Vanargand
Next set Judgement Day

Game of Desire is the seventh booster pack (also known as "Chapter 7") of Dreadnought TCG.

The set's tagline is:

Introducing a new card type, "Idol", and a new rarity, "dreadnought rare".


  • Seven cards per pack
  • Twenty packs per box
  • 80 cards + 25 foiled parallel cards
    • 20 common cards
    • 20 uncommon cards
    • 15 rare cards
    • 10 super rare cards
    • 5 dreadnought rare cards
    • 10 caster cards
  • First box release included one among three PR cards: O'otarashihime (red), Bune (black), or Surtr (green).
  • The illustrator for the Key Visual is おぐち.

Characters IntroductionEdit

Edgar Sockerkaka

A former researcher in a now-abandoned Midgard Network who was on the same team with a deceased genius inventor. He currently still continues to look for "a better direction for human race" using the same technology.
——He fights for the sake of the modification of the world.


A trickster in Nordic mythology, named "the one who ends". His cunning personality makes him skilled at deceiving others. He is not only good at lying, but also has the ability to transform himself into anyone.

Natalie Nestle

A bewitching woman who dresses in black. Despite acting together with Edgar, her intention is still unknown. She does not seem to expose her real intention even to her own partner, but....
——She fights for the sake of feast.


While referred as the world's first woman that was made by God, she was also known as "the witch of night" who corrupted people. Viewed as the same snake who tempted Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

"Unleash the [Forbidden Gate]!" CampaignEdit

There is a chance that you may find a [Treasure Card] inside one of the booster packs. One [Treasure Card] can be exchanged with each of these five alternate art parallel promo cards. If you collect three, you may exchange all of them at once to receive four copies of these cards instead.

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Cluster Rarity
4A-001 Kubota Kana Caster Red CA
4A-002 Sudou Homare Caster Red CA
4A-003 Selen Miller Caster Blue CA
4A-004 Bruno Baker Caster Blue CA
4A-005 Natalie Nestle Caster Black CA
4A-006 Mocca Mattheson Caster Black CA
4A-007 Varuna Roth Caster Yellow CA
4A-008 Takeda Ritsuko Caster Yellow CA
4A-009 Edgar Sockerkaka Caster Green CA
4A-010 Draps Caster Green CA
4A-011 Tsukuyomi Idol Red DR
4A-012 Artemis Idol Blue DR
4A-013 Lilith Idol Black DR
4A-014 Brahma Idol Yellow DR
4A-015 Loki Idol Green DR
4A-016 Ibarakidouji Unit Red U
4A-017 Uwabami Unit Red U
4A-018 O'omagatsuhi Unit Red SR
4A-019 Kai Unit Red C
4A-020 Kibitsuhiko Unit Red R
4A-021 Gyu'uki Unit Red C
4A-022 Kuchinawa Unit Red U
4A-023 Genbu Unit Red R
4A-024 Komainu Unit Red C
4A-025 Shutendouji Unit Red SR
4A-026 Nakime Unit Red C
4A-027 Mino'o Unit Red U
4A-028 Apollon Unit Blue SR
4A-029 Alcippe Unit Blue U
4A-030 Arges Unit Blue U
4A-031 Eris Unit Blue SR
4A-032 Cassandra Unit Blue R
4A-033 Galea Unit Blue C
4A-034 Cetus Unit Blue U
4A-035 Steropes Unit Blue C
4A-036 Phobos Unit Blue R
4A-037 Pugnus Unit Blue C
4A-038 Flagellum Unit Blue U
4A-039 Adramelech Unit Black SR
4A-040 Werewolf Unit Black U
4A-041 Verdelet Unit Black R
4A-042 Cune Unit Black C
4A-043 Quelle Unit Black C
4A-044 Grausam Unit Black C
4A-045 Gremory Unit Black SR
4A-046 Bosheit Unit Black U
4A-047 Bosheit II Unit Black U
4A-048 Leonard Unit Black R
4A-049 Roggenmohme Unit Black U
4A-050 Agni Unit Yellow SR
4A-051 Kama Unit Yellow R
4A-052 Savitr Unit Yellow U
4A-053 Syaktidhara Unit Yellow U
4A-054 Jatayusu II Unit Yellow U
4A-055 Shankapala Unit Yellow C
4A-056 Skanda Unit Yellow SR
4A-057 Bhaskara Unit Yellow U
4A-058 Prabhakara Unit Yellow C
4A-059 Mandodari Unit Yellow C
4A-060 Ratri Unit Yellow R
4A-061 Ortlinde Unit Green R
4A-062 Gjalp Unit Green C
4A-063 Gullfaxi Unit Green C
4A-064 Siegrune Unit Green SR
4A-065 Sigyn Unit Green R
4A-066 Sinmora Unit Green SR
4A-067 Troll Unit Green C
4A-068 Mist Unit Green C
4A-069 Muspell Unit Green U
4A-070 Mystical Power, Inferno Code Red R
4A-071 Apollon's Shining Tone Code Blue R
4A-072 Eris's Scythe of Vengeance Code Blue C
4A-073 Adramelech's Evil Crest Code Black R
4A-074 Beelzebub's Dark Wind Code Black C
4A-075 Agni's Burning Flame Code Yellow R
4A-076 Kama's Arrows of Five-Colored Flowers Code Yellow C
4A-077 Rune of Horse, Eihwaz Code Green U
4A-078 Rune of Flame, Ken Code Green R
4A-079 Magic Sword, Dainsleif Arms Green U
4A-080 Magic Sword, Tyrfing Arms Green U
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