3B. Greenwind Saga
Product Information
Japanese Name グリンウィンド・サガ
Phonetic Gurin'uindo Saga
Release Date May 12th, 2016
Previous set Paradise Lost
Next set Code Vanargand

Greenwind Saga is the fifth booster pack (also known as "Chapter 5") of Dreadnought TCG.

The set's tagline is:


  • Seven cards per pack
  • Twenty packs per box
  • 84 cards + 24 foiled parallel cards
    • 25 common cards
    • 20 uncommon cards
    • 15 rare cards
    • 12 super rare cards
    • 12 caster cards
  • First box releases will include one among three PR cards: Susano'o (red), Beelzebub (black), or Rossweisse (green).
  • The illustrator for the Key Visual is せんむ.

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Cluster Rarity
3B-001 Asahi Reiji Caster Red CA
3B-002 Suzukamon Kaworu Caster Red CA
3B-003 Chester Kuppachlan Caster Blue CA
3B-004 Daidou Wolf Caster Black CA
3B-005 Nishimura Bianca Caster Black CA
3B-006 Agnes Pfizer Caster Yellow CA
3B-007 Anya Charpentier Caster Green CA
3B-008 Ullica Tirol Caster Green CA
3B-009 Daniel Campagne Caster Green CA
3B-010 Doujima Moncher Caster Green CA
3B-011 Philippa Laduree Caster Green CA
3B-012 Botvid Hinarare Caster Green CA
3B-013 O'oyatsuhime Unit Red SR
3B-014 Jyakotsu Unit Red C
3B-015 Jyakotsu 2 Unit Red C
3B-016 Suzaku Unit Red R
3B-017 Seiryu Unit Red R
3B-018 Yamata-no-Orochi Unit Red SR
3B-019 Yumesaki Unit Red C
3B-020 Antiope Unit Blue SR
3B-021 Venefica Unit Blue U
3B-022 Echidna Unit Blue SR
3B-023 Serpens Unit Blue C
3B-024 Thalia Unit Blue R
3B-025 Ladon Unit Blue R
3B-026 Amduscias Unit Black R
3B-027 Sinister Unit Black C
3B-028 Sinister II Unit Black C
3B-029 Spritze Unit Black C
3B-030 Haagenti Unit Black SR
3B-031 Marchocias Unit Black SR
3B-032 Marbas Unit Black R
3B-033 Ulupi Unit Yellow SR
3B-034 Susena Unit Yellow U
3B-035 Maindra & Divik Unit Yellow C
3B-036 Maindra & Divik II Unit Yellow C
3B-037 Rama Unit Yellow R
3B-038 Lakshmana Unit Yellow R
3B-039 Lakshmi Unit Yellow SR
3B-040 Waltraute Unit Green SR
3B-041 Ofnir Unit Green U
3B-042 Gna II Unit Green C
3B-043 Grabacr Unit Green U
3B-044 Geirolul Unit Green C
3B-045 Geirolul II Unit Green C
3B-046 Geri & Freki Unit Green C
3B-047 Geri & Freki II Unit Green C
3B-048 Ger Unit Green C
3B-049 Ger II Unit Green C
3B-050 Gersemi Unit Green R
3B-051 Goinn Unit Green C
3B-052 Goinn II Unit Green C
3B-053 Sjofn Unit Green U
3B-054 Sigmund Unit Green R
3B-055 Sigurd Unit Green SR
3B-056 Skeggiold Unit Green C
3B-057 Tyr Unit Green R
3B-058 Nidhoggr Unit Green R
3B-059 Baldr Unit Green R
3B-060 Hnoss Unit Green R
3B-061 Frigg Unit Green SR
3B-062 Brynhildr Unit Green SR
3B-063 Herfiotur Unit Green U
3B-064 Moinn II Unit Green C
3B-065 Razgriz Unit Green C
3B-066 Reginleif Unit Green U
3B-067 Reginleif II Unit Green U
3B-068 Mystical Power, Fierce Wind Code Red U
3B-069 Astraea's Meteors of Judgment Code Blue U
3B-070 Zeus's Divine-Sound Thunderbolt Code Blue U
3B-071 Foras's Golden Whirlwind Code Black U
3B-072 Surya's Solar Radiance Code Yellow U
3B-073 Rune of Yew, Eoh Code Green C
3B-074 Rune of Wind, Rad Code Green U
3B-075 Rune of Power Word, Ansur Code Green U
3B-076 Rune of Life, Ingni Code Green U
3B-077 Rune of Hammer, Nied Code Green U
3B-078 Rune of Thorn, Torn Code Green C
3B-079 Rune of Flame, Ken Code Green U
3B-080 Rune of Wisent, Ullr Code Green C
3B-081 Necklace of Brisingamen Arms Green U
3B-082 Magic Sword, Gram Arms Green U
3B-083 Magic Sword, Hrotti Arms Green C
3B-084 Magic Spear, Gungnir Arms Green R
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