2D. Paradise Lost
Product Information
Japanese Name パラダイス・ロスト
Phonetic Paradaisu Rosuto
Release Date February 25th, 2016
Previous set Netherworld
Next set Greenwind Saga

Paradise Lost is the fourth booster pack (also known as "Chapter 4") of Dreadnought TCG.

The set's tagline is:


  • Seven cards per pack
  • Twenty packs per box
  • 104 cards + 24 foiled parallel cards
    • 36 common cards
    • 28 uncommon cards
    • 16 rare cards
    • 12 super rare cards
    • 12 caster cards
  • First box releases included one PR card as part of Grand Championship participation support campaign

Characters IntroductionEdit

Gauri Metasin

Hisamitsu Rajiv's childhood friend.
——She fights for the sake of Rajiv.


Gauri's Partner Deity, the dependable "goddess among the goddesses".
In addition of governing wisdom, speech, and art, she was also the goddess of river with the power to enrich people, such as ensuring the fertility of their crops.

Vaughan Schwarzer

A great villain who fled in the past for killing 11 out of 13 officers of salomo.


A demon lord evil dragon who symbolized the original sin, now serving Vaughan. He was famous for tempting Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, thus changing the destiny of the human race.


New multi-clusterEdit

Code transformationEdit

New armsEdit


Grand Championship participation support campaignEdit

"The Search for Treasures in the Paradise Lost" campaignEdit

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Cluster Rarity
2D-001 Ayanishiki Mao & Mai Caster Red CA
2D-002 Kizakura Haruko Caster Red CA
2D-003 Mitori Taiga Caster Red CA
2D-004 Alice Fiftybell Caster Blue CA
2D-005 Kudou Spica Caster Blue CA
2D-006 Degirmen Hartman Caster Blue CA
2D-007 Erich Dallmayr Caster Black CA
2D-008 Vaughan Schwarzer Caster Black CA
2D-009 Roshi Clie Caster Black CA
2D-010 Gauri Metasin Caster Yellow CA
2D-011 Tokiwa Shanti Caster Yellow CA
2D-012 Momochi Zelia Caster Yellow CA
2D-013 Ame-no-Tajikarao Unit Red R
2D-014 Imari Unit Red C
2D-015 Imari 2 Unit Red C
2D-016 Umugihime Unit Red SR
2D-017 Ototachibanahime Unit Red R
2D-018 Kisagaihime Unit Red U
2D-019 Shunrai Unit Red C
2D-020 Shunrai 2 Unit Red C
2D-021 Takemikazuchi Unit Red R
2D-022 Tamayorihime Unit Red R
2D-023 Toyotamahime Unit Red SR
2D-024 Hoderi & Ho'ori Unit Red SR
2D-025 Miyazaki Unit Red C
2D-026 Miyazaki 2 Unit Red C
2D-027 Yagamihime Unit Red R
2D-028 Raikou Unit Red C
2D-029 Raikou 2 Unit Red C
2D-030 Astraea Unit Blue SR
2D-031 Aphrodite Unit Blue SR
2D-032 Aries Unit Blue C
2D-033 Aries II Unit Blue C
2D-034 Armatura Unit Blue C
2D-035 Armatura II Unit Blue C
2D-036 Alecto Unit Blue C
2D-037 Virgo Unit Blue U
2D-038 Virgo II Unit Blue U
2D-039 Orion Unit Blue R
2D-040 Karkinos Unit Blue U
2D-041 Circe Unit Blue R
2D-042 Clava Unit Blue C
2D-043 Clava II Unit Blue C
2D-044 Scorpius Unit Blue C
2D-045 Scorpius II Unit Blue C
2D-046 Tisiphone Unit Blue R
2D-047 Megaera Unit Blue SR
2D-048 Agares Unit Black R
2D-049 Vassago Unit Black SR
2D-050 Giessbach Unit Black C
2D-051 Giessbach II Unit Black C
2D-052 Gusion Unit Black R
2D-053 Geschoss Unit Black C
2D-054 Geschoss II Unit Black C
2D-055 Samael Unit Black SR
2D-056 Seere Unit Black R
2D-057 Zepar Unit Black U
2D-058 Panzer Unit Black C
2D-059 Panzer II Unit Black C
2D-060 Foras Unit Black SR
2D-061 Meuchelmolder Unit Black C
2D-062 Meuchelmolder II Unit Black C
2D-063 Reisetasche Unit Black C
2D-064 Reisetasche II Unit Black C
2D-065 Rustung Unit Black U
2D-066 Ronove Unit Black R
2D-067 Aksa Unit Yellow C
2D-068 Aksa II Unit Yellow C
2D-069 Arhapati Unit Yellow C
2D-070 Arhapati II Unit Yellow C
2D-071 Utpalaka Unit Yellow C
2D-072 Utpalaka II Unit Yellow C
2D-073 Kala Unit Yellow C
2D-074 Kala II Unit Yellow C
2D-075 Kumbakarna Unit Yellow U
2D-076 Sagara Unit Yellow SR
2D-077 Sarasvati Unit Yellow SR
2D-078 Jala Unit Yellow U
2D-079 Surya Unit Yellow R
2D-080 Namuci Unit Yellow C
2D-081 Namuci II Unit Yellow C
2D-082 Meganada Unit Yellow R
2D-083 Ravana Unit Yellow R
2D-084 Rati Unit Yellow SR
2D-085 Rambha Unit Yellow R
2D-086 Mystical Power, Rainbow Chrome Code Red U
2D-087 Mystical Power, Heavy Thunder Code Red U
2D-088 Mystical Power, Eight Thousand Spears Code Red U
2D-090 Mystical Power, Thunderfire Code Red U
2D-090 Eris's Scythe of Vengeance Code Blue U
2D-091 Persephone's Melancholy Code Blue U
2D-092 Belial's Flaming Kiss Code Black U
2D-093 Leviathan's Gigantic Eagre Code Black U
2D-094 Airavata's Roar Code Yellow U
2D-095 Ushas's Daybreak Light Code Yellow U
2D-096 Banish Code ALL U
2D-097 Freeze Code ALL U
2D-098 Inscribed Sword, Chidori Arms Red U
2D-099 Inscribed Sword, Doujigiri Arms Red U
2D-100 Divine Harp, Eurydice Arms Blue U
2D-101 Coronet, Ariadne Arms Blue U
2D-102 Goetia: Shadow Magic Chapter Arms Black U
2D-103 Goetia: Steel Insect Chapter Arms Black U
2D-104 Dragon Orb, Patala Arms Yellow U
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