1C. Those Who Does Not Fear Even Gods
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Product Information
Japanese Name 神をも恐れぬ者たち
Phonetic Kami o mo osorenu monotachi
Release Date May 28th, 2015
Next set Twilight Howling

Those Who Do Not Fear Even Gods is the first booster pack (also known as "Chapter 1") of Dreadnought TCG. It was also released alongside the first two starter decks (Blade of Blaze & Shield of Azure).

The set's tagline is:


  • Seven cards per pack
  • Twenty packs per box
  • 104 cards + 24 foiled parallel cards
    • 36 common cards
    • 28 uncommon cards
    • 16 rare cards
    • 12 super rare cards
    • 12 caster cards
  • The illustrators for the Key Visual are kyo and タカヤマトシアキ

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Cluster Rarity
1C-001 Asahi Chizuru Caster Red CA
1C-002 Mitori Taiga Caster Red CA
1C-003 Alfredo Easter Caster Blue CA
1C-004 Shikishima Hikaru Caster Blue CA
1C-005 Erich Dallmayr Caster Black CA
1C-006 Daidou Wolf Caster Black CA
1C-007 Hoshio Gerda Caster Black CA
1C-008 Leona Melitta Caster Black CA
1C-009 Outsuka Siddhartha Caster Yellow CA
1C-010 Takeda Ritsuko Caster Yellow CA
1C-011 Tokiwa Shanti Caster Yellow CA
1C-012 Padma Astellas Caster Yellow CA
1C-013 Isotakeru Unit Red R
1C-014 O'oyamatsumi Unit Red R
1C-015 Katsuragi Unit Red U
1C-016 Katsuragi 2 Unit Red U
1C-017 Kushinadahime Unit Red SR
1C-018 Kurama Unit Red C
1C-019 Sarutahiko Unit Red R
1C-020 Takemikazuchi Unit Red SR
1C-021 Takeminakata Unit Red C
1C-022 Yamata-no-Orochi Unit Red SR
1C-023 Augur Unit Blue C
1C-024 Atlas Unit Blue R
1C-025 Andromeda Unit Blue SR
1C-026 Nike Unit Blue R
1C-027 Harmonia Unit Blue SR
1C-028 Hydra Unit Blue R
1C-029 Phobos Unit Blue R
1C-030 Propheta Unit Blue U
1C-031 Propheta II Unit Blue U
1C-032 Perseus Unit Blue SR
1C-033 Abaddon Unit Black SR
1C-034 Wirbel Unit Black C
1C-035 Ukobach Unit Black R
1C-036 Gremory Unit Black SR
1C-037 Sarg Unit Black C
1C-038 Sarg II Unit Black C
1C-039 Springen Unit Black C
1C-040 Springen II Unit Black C
1C-041 Schild Unit Black C
1C-042 Schild II Unit Black C
1C-043 Dunkelheit Unit Black U
1C-044 Dunkelheit II Unit Black U
1C-045 Nebiros Unit Black U
1C-046 Barley Unit Black C
1C-047 Barley II Unit Black C
1C-048 Fleuretty Unit Black R
1C-049 Beelzebub Unit Black SR
1C-050 Helm Unit Black U
1C-051 Helm II Unit Black U
1C-052 Leviathan Unit Black R
1C-053 Ananta Unit Yellow SR
1C-054 Upananda Unit Yellow U
1C-055 Upananda II Unit Yellow U
1C-056 Uma Unit Yellow C
1C-057 Urvashi Unit Yellow SR
1C-058 Ganesha Unit Yellow R
1C-059 Kartikeya Unit Yellow C
1C-060 Kartikeya II Unit Yellow C
1C-061 Gangadala Unit Yellow C
1C-062 Gangadala II Unit Yellow C
1C-063 Sati Unit Yellow U
1C-064 Sati II Unit Yellow U
1C-065 Shiva Unit Yellow SR
1C-066 Skanda Unit Yellow R
1C-067 Nanda Unit Yellow C
1C-068 Nanda II Unit Yellow C
1C-069 Bhairava Unit Yellow C
1C-070 Bhairava II Unit Yellow C
1C-071 Parvati Unit Yellow R
1C-072 Mahakala Unit Yellow R
1C-073 Mystical Power, Kagutsuchi Code Red U
1C-074 Mystical Power, Heat Haze Code Red U
1C-075 Mystical Power, Whirlwind Cut Code Red C
1C-076 Mystical Power, Kongou Code Red C
1C-077 Mystical Power, Water Mirror Code Red U
1C-078 Mystical Power, Thunderfire Code Red C
1C-079 Mystical Power, Fierce Wind Code Red C
1C-080 Athena's Sparkling Shield Code Blue C
1C-081 Apollon's Arrow Shower Code Blue C
1C-082 Ares's Ferocious Spear Code Blue C
1C-083 Icarus's Wings Code Blue U
1C-084 Hades's Clouds of Darkness Code Blue U
1C-085 Prometheus's Fire Code Blue C
1C-086 Poseidon's Raging Wave Code Blue U
1C-087 Astaroth's Soul Contract Code Black C
1C-088 Asmodeus's Discernment Code Black U
1C-089 Barbatos's Magic Bullet Code Black C
1C-090 Fleuretty's Shadow Devil Code Black R
1C-091 Berith's Armor of Darkness Code Black C
1C-092 Beelzebub's Evil Wind Code Black C
1C-093 Malphas's Rumbling Code Black U
1C-094 Agni's Purifying Fire Code Yellow C
1C-095 Apsaras's Temptation Code Yellow U
1C-096 Indra's Arrow Code Yellow U
1C-097 Vayu's Turbulent Wind Code Yellow C
1C-098 Vishnu's Clairvoyant Code Yellow C
1C-099 Sarasvati's Harp Tone Code Yellow U
1C-100 Lakshmi's Lotus Flower Code Yellow C
1C-101 Dispel Code ALL U
1C-102 Freeze Code ALL U
1C-103 Protection Code ALL U
1C-104 Resist Code ALL U
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